Latest News on Science - 23. 09. 2020.

North Korea's Dismantlement of Satellite Launching Station Can be Reversed

Despite recent reports showing North Korea's initiative to dismantle its Sohae Satellite Launching Station, US intelligence sources have indicated that all efforts put forth could be reversed.

Dizziness when getting up could increase dementia risk, US study says

Middle-aged people who feel dizzy when standing up from a lying-down position may be at a higher risk of dementia or a stroke in the future, a report says.

Mars Passes Closest to Earth Since 2003 on July 31st

After a slow crawl across the predawn darkness earlier this year, Mars is finally moving into the evening sky - just as it comes its closest to Earth in 15 years. According to Sky and Telescope magazine, the two planets' centers will be separated by just 35,784,871 miles or 57,590,017 km on July 31st at 3:50 a.m. EDT (7:50 Universal Time).

Drop it. Smash it. Slam it. Samsung’s unbreakable OLED screen can take it

A new type of smartphone display panel made by Samsung Display has passed a series of durability tests in the U.S., which saw it surpass standards set out by the Department of Defense. Samsung calls the panel “unbreakable,” and has huge ambitions for it in the near future.

Working Together to Give People More Control of Their Data

This year, we’ve made our privacy settings easier to find and improved your ability to manage your data, including through Download Your Information, which is a way to access a secure copy of the data you’ve shared with Facebook.

Brain and Mental Health

This 3D medical animation shows the parts of the brain associated with mental health and function. The process of neurons passing messages to each other via neurotransmitters is shown. A few examples of mental illnesses are listed, along with the neurotransmitters associated with them.